Paracord RZR/SXS/UTV Handles

$ 39.99

These Handles are made to go on any roll bar measuring 1.75".  They will work with RZR, Tyrex, most Rangers, and Wildcats. They can be mounted in a variety of positions as you can see in the pictures. *Sold in pairs*

The handles can be displayed with either color as the primary color. For example if you order Black and Red you can put them on with either of those colors as the primary color!

We use nylon paracord which is incredibly resistant to stains and if they do get dirty(which they should on a SXS!) they can be washed right along with the rest of your rig! They will not dry rot or mildew and hold up great even in extended sun exposure!


As always they are made from true 7 strand 550 paracord! It is all made in the USA!!!

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