Black and Electric Blue 2 Door Limiters for Jeep wranglers 1987-2018

$ 9.99

Jeep Door Limiters fit 1987-2018 Jeep Wranglers(will not fit the JL). These replace the nylon door strap that comes standard.

  •  Will work with power options! See instructions below.
  • Double layer of paracord for extra strength.  Others use one layer and often have splices. 
  • First layer of cord is one piece giving our door catches a breaking strength of over 1000lbs!
  • USA made Paracord
  • Approx. 20ft of cord in each strap


On newer Jeeps will see 2 nylon sleeves. One is the door limiter which is what you will replace with our product. The other covers the cables running to your door. DO NOT CUT THIS SLEEVE! Our product does not replace the cable sleeve and we recommend leaving it on the keep your cables safe.

Due to different production runs of the paracord and different monitor settings on computers we cannot guarantee the colors will be an exact match to the pictures. We do our best to accurately portray each color. If this is a major issue please contact us and we can send you more pictures. We can even send samples of the cord for a small fee.

Feel free to email us with any questions and we will respond within 24 hours! 

 All of our items are hand woven and tightened by a machine. This ensures you get the attention to detail that comes with hand made items but with the consistency of something made by machine. If you have questions please let us know as we strive to make every customer a happy customer! 

American Outdoors Paracord
Quality gear for outdoors enthusiasts!

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